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Presentation: BBEST Design Guide

Tuesday, 25th November, 7-9pm

Council Chamber of the Octagon Centre

at the University of Sheffield

We are excited to announce that our next meeting will be a presentation of the University of Sheffield Architecture Students’ live project work.  Ten students have worked with us over a 6 week period to help us develop a Design Guide for the BBEST area.  Their work has been fantastic, visually stunning, and full of good ideas. This project makes a major contribution to the BBEST strand ‘Architecture and Conservation‘, one of the five working groups of BBEST.  Some of their interim sketches were presented at the October AGM and can be seen in our summary of that event here.

This presentation will conclude their work with us, but we hope that some of them will want to stay involved.  Help us to thank them by coming out to our meeting on Tuesday.  There will be a thorough explanation and discussion of their work and how it will benefit the BBEST Neighbourhood Plan.  We look forward to seeing you there. 

BBEST embarks on a new phase

methodist church lantern detail

In 2015, and starting from the AGM on 11th October 2014, the focus of BBEST will be community-driven action on the five Working Groups:

The emphasis of each group will be on consultation, gathering data and finding consensus from the varying views around the community. By 2016, we should be ready to draw together the Plan document for consultation, following which, there will be a referendum vote of all residents on the final Neighbourhood Plan, conducted by the Sheffield City Council. In preparation for this event, working groups will hold development and information meetings focused on the group theme to build consensus and prioritise ideas.  Working groups will also gather data to provide a factual basis for our Neighbourhood Plan. The five groups will come together from time to time for meetings of the Coordinating Group (formerly the Steering Group) and for larger local events, like the Broomhill Festival.

Now is your chance to get your voice heard and to make a difference to your community’s future.  Any member of the community is more than welcome to engage in the process.The policies we build into our Neighbourhood Plan will become official planning policy for our area if the plan is approved by referendum vote, so it is imperative that your local knowledge and views are incorporated at every step.  BBEST welcomes all levels of participation, from comments relating to particular themes, to helping with one-off events, or becoming a regular contributor to a working group.  There are lots of ways that you can help.  If you are interested in promoting the social, economic, and environmental welfare of our area, why not join us as a member to keep abreast of what we are doing and get involved in the making of our Neighbourhood Plan. It is as easy as sending an email to us at

Successful Consultation and AGM event

2014 AGM & Consultation

2014 AGM & Consultation

Thanks to everyone who made the ‘Afternoon with BBEST’ a success.  We gathered quite a lot of information and ideas as we split into our five task groups for discussion. There was also a marvellous presentation of Sheffield Univeristy Architecture Student work about our area. Additional details and a summary of the consultation can be found here.