BBEST public consultation Closed

The BBEST public consultation closed on 11 November 2018.
Thank you for your interest in the consultation – we have received some interesting comments.
Next steps
The BBEST team are working hard to summarise your views.  The summary will be discussed at a meeting of the BBEST Steering Group on Monday 19th November.
Depending on the range of comments and the views of Steering Group,  the final version of the Plan documents will be presented for approval at the BBEST Forum meeting and AGM on Saturday 1st December. (details later).  This timetable is challenging, so a second date, Saturday 26 January, has been scheduled as a backup. (details later)
This is a very busy and exciting time for BBEST.  The adoption process will continue with assessment by Sheffield City Council (SCC) and an external examiner and a second consultation organised by the Council.  Full details or the process will be discussed at the meeting for approval of the documents to be forwarded to SCC.

BBEST Consultation 1st October to 11 November 2018

Great news! The first consultation on the BBEST Draft Plan 2018 and Draft Design Guide 2018 is now open.

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan 2018 represents the culmination of the meetings and discussions which have been held since the since the Neighbourhood Planning Forum was established in 2014. The Draft Design Guide 2018, details the unique character of our area and offers guidance to developers on how to maintain the quality of design in these areas.


How can I take part in the consultation?


The Draft Plan 2018  itself and the Draft Design Guide 2018 are available together with the forms for your responses.  The Draft Plan, the draft Design Guide and maps will open in a separate tabs, or you can download them to read and display on your device.
At Broomhill Library, Taptonville Road
Print copies of the Draft Plan 2018 and Draft Design Guide 2018 are available for you to read together with forms for your written responses.  Just hand your completed form to Library staff or place in the box provided.
Many thanks again.

BBEST Countdown to Consultation Event 7th July 2018

Thank you!

…for making our Countdown to Consultation Event on 7 July such a success! On a lovely sunny day some 35 people found their way to the Broomhill Library Garden Room and enjoyed home made cake, previews of the new Broomhill Retailer website, a wander around the library garden, and a chance to review and discuss our Neighbourhood Draft Plan.

We’re delighted to announce that BBEST Steering Group approved the start of the first formal 6 week consultation period to begin on 1st October 2018. Information for the consultation will be on the website and hard copies will be available for review at the Broomhill Library.

The six week consultation period will include a formal collection of comments via the website and library. Make sure you feed back with constructive comments, and of course your support for the plan, on the official forms.

Watch this space for further details.

In the meantime, have a look at the Broomhill retail website at There is a fantastic history of the retail district with incredible photos alongside information about our locally owned retailers and community organisations. Supporting your local retailers is a great way to keep money in the community and build long-term relationships which help our community to thrive. Many thanks to Jonathon, the owner of Pavilion Flowers, for putting such a great resource together for us all to benefit from.

Countdown to Consultation 7th July 18

The ‘Countdown to Consultation’ drop-in meeting will take place on at 1100-1400 on 7th July 2018 in the Library ‘Garden Room’ – which will be signposted.


Come along and meet the team and discuss the first airing of the Plan.  There will be lots of things to do including the launch of the new Broomhill Centre Retailers Group**, a table for children and, not least, a chance to see parts of the Library building that are not normally on view.  There’ll be a cake sale with proceeds shared between BBEST and the Library – so look out your favourite recipe!


Make a date in your diary – and look for more information nearer the time.  We aim to launch the formal public consultation in October, so this really is the start of final phase.


**Broomhill Centre Retailers Group
Meet local retailers who, as a result of BBEST engagement, are now working together for the benefit of our centre.  You can hear more about their new website showcasing everything our area has to offer. Follow their progress now at