Forthcoming meetings

BBEST meeting schedule


7 July 2018, 11-2pm Countdown to Consultation


21 October3-5pm – BBEST AGM 2017


BBEST’s five topic groups are now meeting regularly to review information gathered to date and to generate draft projects and policies.  If you would like to participate in this process, please send an email to to find out when and where the next meeting that coincides with your interests will be held.   In addition, upcoming meetings for 2016 are as follows:

26th April – Coordinating Group, 8pm @ Oriel House (a.k.a. Broomhill Library)

14th May – Public Forum Meeting

27th June – Coordinating Group, 8pm @ Oriel House

12th November – 2016 AGM, 3-6pm @ Beacon Methodist Church, Broomhill

Additional public events for 2016 will be added.  Please check back or see our home page for the latest information.



27 January, Steering Group

24 February, Steering Group

24 March, Steering Group

28 April, Steering Group

26 May, Steering Group

23 June, Steering Group

28 July, Steering Group

25 August, Steering Group

22 September – Coordinating Group meeting

In addition, please note the dates of the following BBEST public events for 2015:

14th June – “Our Built Character and Living Community” – presentation and workshop, 3-5:00pm at St. Mark’s Church

20th June – Activity and Information Stall at the Broomhill Festival Garden Party, from 1:00pm at St. Mark’s Green

7th November – “Developments of the Plan” – major Forum development event & agm, 3:00-5:30 at the Beacon Methodist Church (next to Oxfam), adjourning to the pub.



23 September, Steering Group, Octagon Council Chamber

11 October, Annual General Meeting

28 October, Steering Group, Octagon Council Chamber

25 November, Steering Group, Octagon Council Chamber

2/3 December, Note change of date, Steering Group – location tbc