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Meetings of each of the BBEST working groups generally occur monthly.  We currently have five working groups running concurrent streams of research and inquiry. For more information on the Working Groups, click on the tab at the top of this page.

The Coordinating Group (formerly Steering Group) will meet approximately three to four times a year. For the dates of our forthcoming meetings, please click here.

All members and those who support the aims of BBEST are welcome to attend and participate in any of these meetings and events. Please email to confirm the location of the next meeting if you would like to attend.


Meetings and Minutes

AGM Papers

2018 AGM papers:

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2015 AGM papers:

BBEST AGM Saturday November 7th 2015 – Summary of the event: here

2014 AGM papers:

BBEST AGM Saturday October 11th 2014 – Summary of the event: here

Minutes of BBEST meetings:

2018 Minutes:

2017 Minutes:

2016 Minutes:

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As part of the process of creating a Neighbourhood Plan, BBEST has started to gather facts about our area to help us understand what opportunities, challenges, and priorities we have.  This ‘evidence base’ will be used to support what eventually goes into our plan.  This is an ongoing process that will take into account various surveys and studies that we conduct during this process as well as any relevant previous studies and the opinions of all those who have participated directly or indirectly with BBEST.

The files below cover some evidence that is relevant throughout the Plan, for evidence that is specific to a BBEST theme please see the individual theme sections on this website.