Coming Up….Public Consultation Events at the Broomhill Festival!

BBEST will be holding two consultation events at the upcoming Broomhill Festival.

The first is on Saturday, June 14th from 2-5pm at the Festival Garden Party at St. Mark’s Church in Broomhill.  This is a drop-in event with activities suitable for all ages to gather your expert knowledge of the area along with your ideas and visions for our future development.  This will help us to inform our neighbourhood plan. Please drop by our stall and spend a few minutes with us.

The second event is on Sunday, June 15th from 3-5pm also at St Mark’s Church. It is entitled ‘Visions of Broomhill from 1800-2100: a Review and Debate.’  This will begin with a talk by architecture and planning faculty from The University of Sheffield followed by small group discussions of key issues for our area.

Your participation in these events is important as it will help to build an evidence base to inform what will become our Neighbourhood Plan.  Come and join in so that our Neighbourhood Plan will be the best it can be!

If you have any questions about either event, feel free to email us.