BBEST Consultation 1st October to 11 November 2018

Great news! The first consultation on the BBEST Draft Plan 2018 and Draft Design Guide 2018 is now open.

The Draft Neighbourhood Plan 2018 represents the culmination of the meetings and discussions which have been held since the since the Neighbourhood Planning Forum was established in 2014. The Draft Design Guide 2018, details the unique character of our area and offers guidance to developers on how to maintain the quality of design in these areas.


How can I take part in the consultation?


The Draft Plan 2018  itself and the Draft Design Guide 2018 are available together with the forms for your responses.  The Draft Plan, the draft Design Guide and maps will open in a separate tabs, or you can download them to read and display on your device.
At Broomhill Library, Taptonville Road
Print copies of the Draft Plan 2018 and Draft Design Guide 2018 are available for you to read together with forms for your written responses.  Just hand your completed form to Library staff or place in the box provided.
Many thanks again.

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