BBEST Update – January 2019

On 1st December a lively BBEST meeting was attended by 17 members.  Draft minutes of the meeting and the annual report for 2018 are available on the web from this page:
A discussion of To Let signs has led BBEST to consider putting photographs of streets with many signs on the web pages – the signs for September 2019 are now up, so this is probably ‘peak to let sign’.  Please email your photographs to

Legal criteria for the signs can be found in this document from Reading Council on Estate Agent boards – do let me know if you find a more relevant site!

Houses in multiple occupation (HMO) were discussed and it was noted that there are numbers of unregistered HMOs in the area, and SCC has acknowledged its own figures may be an underestimate. The council is reviewing its data and it may be that we can in due course help with that, and put a link to the data on our website.


The consultation papers are now on the website again under the Plan information heading at the top. Please remember that these are now pre-current, as they will change in the light of comments.

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